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Additional Features to Consider when Purchasing a Home


A House’s Physical Structure

Every house has walls that create and separate rooms, doors, windows and a roof. But there are additional features that are either built as a part of the house or are additions found on the property.


Fences are structures that surround either the front or backyard, or both. Fences promote privacy amongst neighbors and help keep pets and children safe in the yard.


A garage is a small building, usually built as a part of the house, which is used as storage for cars and other materials.


A patio is an outdoor space that is used for recreation or dining. They are generally found in backyards and can either be paved or made of wood.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are man-made structures filled with water. Residential pools are either above ground or in-ground and are normally found in backyards.

These features can enhance the attractiveness of a house. If you want to buy a home with one or more of these features, let Steve Frame assist you with your search.